About World Relief Chicago

World Relief

Established in 1980, World Relief Chicago (WRC) has assisted in the resettlement of over 15,000 refugees. WRC has a globally diverse staff of 30 members fluent in 10+ languages from five continents. We work in close collaboration with community partners and volunteers to come alongside refugees and immigrants on their journey through cultural adjustment with the goal of assisting refugees in becoming self-sufficient in the United States. Our comprehensive resettlement program supports refugees in reaching self-sufficiency in Chicago. We achieve this goal through standard / intensive case management, employment services, English education, and youth services to approximately 400 newly arriving refugees annually. We work with a network of human care providers in Chicago to advocate and strengthen social services for refugees living in the city and surrounding suburbs.

WRC is also committed to providing professional, compassionate, and affordable immigration legal assistance for low income immigrants and refugees in Chicago. Since 1987, WRC’s Immigrant Legal Service Department remains in touch with the ever changing world of immigration law and works with Chicago based organizations to meet the growing demand for low income immigration legal assistance in Chicago.

Since 1980, World Relief Chicago has assisted refugees with the following ethnicity/nationality:

Albanian Angolan

Bantu Bhutanese

Bosnian Bulgarian

Burmese Burundi

Cameroonian Colombian

Croatian Cuban Eritrean



Ethiopian Ghanaian

Hispanic Iranian

Iraqi Iraqi

Chaldean Korean

Kurdish Liberian

Meskhetian Turks

Mexican Moroccan


Pakistani Polish

Rohingya Burmese

Romanian Russian

Serbian Somali

Sudanese Soviet

Jewish Tunisian

Turkish Ukrainian