To be eligible for Citizenship you need to be a Legal Permanent Resident (Green card Holder) for at least 5 years (or) 3 years if you are married to a U.S. Citizen.

To fill out the citizenship form, please bring the following documents:

  • Green Card, Social Security Card, State ID or Driver’s License Birth certificate and Passport (if available)
  • List of places you have traveled to outside of the U.S. since you received your residency (Including month, day, and year you left and returned)
  • List of addresses where you have lived for the past 5 years (Including the month, day and year you started and stopped living at each address)
  • List of employers or schools, including addresses for the past 5 years (Including the month, day and year you started and stopped living at each address)
  • Information about your spouse, including: name, date of birth, social security number, alien number and/or naturalization number, date of marriage
  • Information about your children, including: address, name, date of birth & green card number (if applicable)
  • Information about previous marriages for both you and your spouse, including: date of prior marriage, date the marriage ended and reason the marriage ended
  • Information about any arrests: reason for the arrest, date, place and bring the arrest record, and certified disposition of any arrests
  • Certified disposition/traffic record for all your traffic violations: speeding, red light, stop sign tickets, etc.
  • For men only: Selective Service number and date of registration. If you don’t know it or need to register visit or call (847) 688-6888. If you never registered we can help you complete a waiver.
  • A Money Order/Cashier’s Check for $725 made out to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • Please bring $50.00 for administrative expenses. Credit/debit payments will now be accepted in addition to money orders and/or cash.
To determine if you are eligible, please bring:
  •  The most recent federal income tax returns and W-2 forms of each member of your household
  •  Unemployment checks
  •  Letter from the Department of Human Services (DHS) stating the date when you started receiving Food Stamps (LINK card), Medical and TANF benefits