In the face of major reductions to the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program beginning in 2016, the needs for volunteer engagement are changing. There are fewer resettled families to welcome at the airport and support with donated household items, but the need to raise visibility around displacement issues is more important than ever!  

We're excited to introduce a new opportunity for volunteers to do just that! If you have a TV, a living room, and some friends, you can host a documentary fundraiser night. The evenings include four elements: eating, learning, praying, and giving. Download pdf guide below. WRC will also provide a kit that includes a projector, WRC literature, a physical copy of a refugee documentary, and additional guidelines. A staff member can also attend your evening and share briefly on behalf of WRC, if you’d like.  

You can watch the sample video HERE

Documentary Night Guidelines for Hosts.pdf
Sample Language for Hosts

Contact for more information.