Equipped: Volunteer Workshops

Are you connected with refugees and immigrants in your community, and interested in learning how you can be better equipped to provide support and care for the people you’re walking alongside? Starting this August, our Equipped Workshop Series will help you discover additional ways to support and advocate for our local refugee and immigrant community. We're inviting all World Relief Chicago volunteers and those who are new to World Relief Chicago to join us at the workshops. Our four FREE workshops will be held on varying Saturday mornings and weeknights in the coming months and will feature guest and topics that do not build upon one another; that means, you can come to all or just one of them, and you won't miss a beat! Sign up today to equip yourself for standing with the vulnerable.


Workshop #2: Translate and Magnify- Helping Displaced People Share their Stories (When they’re ready). 

Gain some practical tools for helping refugee background friends share their experiences, and engage in discussion with others who care about doing the same thing. 

Why: No one can speak about forced displacement with the same authority as people who have experienced it themselves. As advocates and bridge people, we need to find ways to translate and magnify those voices as much as possible. But it’s a complicated task. In this workshop, we’ll discuss “passing the mic,” the role of listening, identifying our own agendas as awareness-raisers, and more. We’ll look at good and bad examples of storytelling and walk away with some practical tools and resources for helping refugee-background friends share their stories, when they’re ready to. 

When: Saturday, September 8, 10am - noon

Where: World Relief Chicago (3507 W. Lawrence). Coffee, tea & snacks will be provided.

Who: Jacob Mau has worked with displaced people in Chicago since 2006. In tandem with the Refugee Highway Partnership, he recently launched Beyond Soundbites – a podcast series built around interviews with refugees and asylum seekers in Turkey.

How: You can register for FREE here.


Workshop #1: Using Storytelling for Advocacy 

Whether you have your own immigration story or you've come to care about the issues many refugees and immigrants face through relationships with others, you have a story to tell! 

Why: Anyone can use storytelling to talk to their friends, family members, and even policymakers about why they care about policy issues affecting refugees and immigrants in the U.S. and abroad. Join us for a free, two-hour workshop on Saturday, August 11 to learn how to use stories in your advocacy activities. We'll focus in on advocacy work relevant to refugees and immigrants, but the skills you'll learn will help you advocate for any issue that's important to you. 

When: Saturday, August 11, 10am - noon  

Where: World Relief Chicago (3507 W. Lawrence). Coffee, tea & snacks will be provided.

Who: The workshop will be led by Sara Aardema, World Relief Chicago's Director of Volunteer & Church Engagement. Sara holds a Master of Public Policy from Loyola University Chicago and cares deeply about making advocacy work approachable for everyone! 

How: You can register for FREE here, or contact Sara Aardema at saardema@wr.org if you have questions. 

No prior advocacy, writing, or storytelling experience is required. 


We'll host two additional free workshops in October and November! Check back soon for details on the topics and dates!