Good Neighbor Program

Help us build a tribe of people around our refugee friends. 

Good Neighbors walk alongside their refugee partners as they begin life in the U.S., providing the ultimate support that is needed for true cultural integration--friendship and community. At the same time, volunteers live out God's call to welcome the stranger, experiencing their own personal growth. 

Our hope is that both parties walk away transformed by their experience together and, in the end, that initially established partnerships turn into natural friendships, transcending what were once seen as "volunteer commitments." To learn more, keep on reading, or check out our Good Neighbor Program Booklet.

What does it mean to "walk alongside" someone?

When it comes to our refugee families, we equip our volunteers to help them with basic resettlement tasks while at the same time building a positive, supportive relationship with them. Activities include everything from teaching your friend how to navigate public transportation to sharing meals together.

Commitment:  1-2x/wk (2 hr minimum), 4 months.
Locations:  Rogers Park, West Ridge, Albany Park, Evanston. Possibly south or west sides of Chicago.
Team Requirements:  6-8 team members, a team leader, a "first meeting" prior to application.


Ready to get started?

Gather your team and start the application process!





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