Volunteer Opportunities

WELCOME! We are so excited you are here.

Before we even begin, we want to say thank you. Thank you for your interest in serving refugees and immigrants. Whether you have been touched by a story, a friend, or a life, we are so happy you are interested in walking alongside our friends.



Citizenship Workshop Volunteer

Help clients apply for citizenship at our monthly workshops. No experience necessary. Short, online training provided. Good for individuals, small groups, Spanish-speakers, immigration advocates, individuals with a legal background. Commitment:  one-time, half-day. Locations: Albany Park and nearby neighborhoods. 


Health Advocate

Serve as an advocate and mentor for your refugee friend in navigating the American medical system. Assist them in getting to appointments, filling out paperwork, and making sure they have interpretation. Advocate to ensure they receive proper medical care despite cultural and language barriers. Refugee clients include single moms, those with medical or mental disabilities, or those with chronic medical conditions. Good for:  individiuals, those with medical experience or interests. Commitment:  2 hrs/week, 4 months. 3-4 appointments required. Locations:  Rogers Park, West Ridge, Albany Park, South Evanston, downtown Chicago, Illinois medical district. Occasional possibilities for others, such as south and west sides.​

In-Home English Tutor

Help an adult learner practice English in their home. Good for: Individuals, college students. Commitment:  2 hrs/wk, 4 months. Locations:  Rogers Park, West Ridge, Albany Park, Evanston. Occasional possibilities for others, such as south and west sides.​

In-Home Youth Tutor

Serve as a mentor for refugee youth as you help them with homework and learning English.  Build friendships with refugee youth and families as you work with their students to excel academically.”  Commitment:  2 hrs/wk, 4 months. Locations:  Rogers Park, West Ridge, Albany Park, Evanston. Occasional possibilities for south side of Chicago or northern suburbs.

ESL Classroom Volunteer

Help out during our daily, on-site morning ESL classes. Dependent upon current classroom needs. Location: World Relief Chicago. Commitment: 2 hours & up, per week, 4 months. Hours are Mon.—Fri., between 9 am & 1 pm.​

Youth After-School Program Volunteer

Engage with refugee youth through a fun and educational after school program designed to foster new friendships and encourage learning.  Help with homework and small group games and activities. Location: West Rogers Park. Commitment: 1-2 days/week, 1 semester minimum commitment; Tues. and/or Wed., 3:45-5:30 pm.

Good Neighbor Team

Gather a team of friends and support a new refugee family throughout their resettlement journey! Build relationships while helping them acclimate to the U.S. Cook together, explore downtown, teach them about the CTA, help them to get State IDs. The possibilities are endless! Small groups, couples, families with or without children. Commitment:  1-2x/wk (2 hr minimum), 4 months. Locations:  Rogers Park, West Ridge, Albany Park, Evanston. Occasional possibilities for others, such as south and west sides. Find more information on Good Neighbor Teams HERE

On-Call Volunteer

Are you willing to be contacted about last minute tasks? Refugee resettlement work is often unpredictable! We have a list of approved volunteers we email for help with things like airport pickups, moving help, or providing a hot meal for an arriving family. Application, Orientation, Background Check, and Interview are all required. 


Ready to Volunteer?

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Got Professional Skills?

Offer your time and expertise to serve our office and clients! In the past we've been blessed by:
  • Software Engineers
  • Videographers
  • Photographers
  • Attorneys
  • Chefs
  • Yoga Instructors
  • Business Consultants
  • Graphic Designers
  • Musicians
  • IT gurus
  • and many more!

Contact Becca Sheehy (rsheehy@wr.org) to offer your skills.


Other ways you can make an impact in the lives of refugees.

  • Advocate for refugees now. Far too often, the voices of the poor and oppressed have been marginalized or silenced. These communities need advocates to speak on their behalf. You can be that advocate today.
  • Pray for the vulnerable. One of the most impactful ways you can stand with us is through prayer. We believe God truly hears our prayers and works to bring hope and healing.